new designer: la dovitch


La Dovitch is a true story of family and friendship - two girls and one major passion project. Corine Moreau, a renowned French stylist, and industry veteran Natacha Comestaz were brought together by their mutual best-friend Isabel Marant. La Dovitch was the surname belonging to Corine's father whom she never met. He was a Tzigane; a Hungarian-Peruvian gypsy.  His spirit and untold stories of travel are the inspiration for each unique collection. This season, La Dovitch invites you to a motionless voyage. An exploration of your need of femininity. An answer to your hopes of adventure in the country of fashion. A reassuring world populated by soft and genuine materials. Some noble pieces with their unique character, born with care and passion.

Explore the newest addition to the p.45 designer family in store today.